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Coldwell Banker Winthrop Realty Team has been a leading force in the Methow Valley real estate world for more than three decades. We specialize in all types of properties; recreational (skiing, biking, hiking, riding, fishing, etc.), ranches, homes, cabins, raw land, and commercial properties. We do it all, and we do it all well!

We have more listings, and sell more listings, than any other Methow company.

Everyday we focus on doing the right things for our clients. We aim to build long-term relationships, founded on the practice of excellence and trust, not short-term relationships with the simple goal of quick sales. 

We're committed to the practice of advocacy, which is one reason so many clients return to us year after year, and refer their friends.

Our individual broker contact information is below, but you're also welcome to simply call our office at 509-996-2121, or send a general office email to  We look forward to talking with you!


  • Dave Thomsen
    Designated Broker / Owner
    Image of Dave Thomsen
    503 Highway 20 South P.O. Box 100
    WA 98862 US

    Phone: 509-996-2121, cell: 509-630-2143

    I'm proud to lead the Methow Valley's top team of real estate brokers, which has been a central force in the Methow market for generations. We have deep local real estate knowledge, high standards and top skills. Our purpose is to help YOU find exactly the right property - and negotiate the best possible deal. We want to be your advocate.

    My family moved to the Methow full-time in 2002. Living and working here is a dream come true!  I've been a top real estate producer for many years and pride myself on putting my clients needs first, providing unparalleled analysis and skillful articulation through all veins of the Methow Valley real estate world.

    Prior to my work as a real estate broker, which began in 2002, I spent 20 years as an executive-level television and Internet news manager at four major news organizations in Seattle, Portland and on the East Coast.

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  • Brian Colin
    Image of Brian Colin
    503 Highway 20 South P.O. Box 100
    WA 98862 US

    Phone: O: 509-996-2121, cell: 509-429-8056

    After an intensive professional life in two career fields - archaeology and teaching - I am thrilled to put my analytical and people skills to work as an advocate for my clients.

    I am grateful for the tremendous success I've enjoyed in five years working as a real estate agent. I believe - and my clients repeatedly tell me this is true - I have the skills to help manipulate the market on behalf of my clients, be they buyers or sellers.

    Professional Experience: Real Estate Agent since 2007. Archaeologist - 15 years; Elementary Special Education Teacher - 6 years.

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  • Ina Clark
    Image of Ina Clark
    503 Highway 20 South P.O. Box 100
    WA 98862 US

    Phone: 509-996-2121, cell: 509-429-0204

    Experienced in many forms of business, education and real estate, it's my pleasure to help all types of Methow Valley Real Estate buyers and sellers.

    I know the Methow Valley intimately - from many years on skiis, hiking, and on the water. I am committed to excellence and would love to assist you.

    Prior to my work in real estate, I owned two companies: a sea-kyak touring and outfitting company in the San Juans Islands, and a construction company in the Methow Valley. I've also worked extensively for Outward Bound, a wilderness school, as an instructor, teacher, and administrator.

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  • Kathy Curtiss
    Image of Kathy Curtiss
    503 Highway 20 South P.O. Box 100
    WA 98862 US

    Phone: 509-996-2121, cell: 509-996-3935

    I entered the Methow Valley real estate market with deep experience in the fields of marketing and sales, serving 10 years in the Los Angeles media market, 15 years in Winthrop marketing our family bicycle company, Curtlo Cycles, and 5 concurrent years in Winthrop helping establish a highly-successful Internet start-up company.

    I know the Methow Valley deeply and now throw all my energy and expertise into my real estate practice. I can help you with anything - homes, land, commercial properties - you name it!

    I'm a avid cyclist with passion for mountain biking the valley's single-track trails in summer, and skiing the many cross-country trails in winter.

    My husband and I moved to the Methow Valley from the wilds of Southern California to raise our daughter and build our dream home in the lovely Wolf Creek neighborhood.

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  • Carol K. Johnson
    Image of Carol K. Johnson
    503 Highway 20 South P.O. Box 100
    WA 98862 US

    Phone: 509-996-2121, cell: 509-670-6797

    Over the last 30 years, working in three different careers, I've establish a strong sense of client service. I pride myself on taking that extra step to complete the transaction, and making it a positive and enjoyable experience.

    Professional Experience: Real Estate Agent since 2000. Managed large Winthrop restaurant and hotel prior to my work in real estate.

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  • Frank Kline
    Managing Broker
    Image of Frank Kline
    503 Highway 20 South P.O. Box 100
    WA 98862 US

    Phone: 509-996-2121, cell: 509-341-4347

    My real estate career spans five decades, and I continue to love and live Real Estate!

    It all began in 1974 when I first got my Real Estate license in the Seattle area. Shortly thereafter, I earned my Broker's license and with a partner opened the first of three Real Estate firms I would own and operate into the early 1990's.

    In the 1980's, I became a licensed Real Estate Appraiser, and worked exclusively in the Methow Valley since 1994.

    Finally, in 2011, I stopped appraising so I could devote 100-percent of my efforts to representing you, the actual buyers and sellers of Real Estate.

    Now it's my privilege to guide you in your Methow Valley Real Estate journey - whether buying or selling. As your advocate, I promise you the benefit of my lifetime pursuit of Real Estate knowledge and experience.

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  • Mary Thomsen
    Business Manager
    Image of Mary Thomsen
    503 Highway 20 South P.O. Box 100
    WA 98862 US

    Phone: 509-996-2121

    Dave and I assumed ownership of Coldwell Winthrop Realty in January 2008, and we are pleased to live and work in this wonderful community!  I have a long business background and am the accounting and business-operation person at our company.

    Professional Experience: Business Manager and Owner, Coldwell Banker Winthrop Realty. Controller, Sun Mountain Lodge. Corporate Accounting Manager, Nordstrom Inc. Senior Audit Manager, Deloitte and Touche LLP.

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  • Gail Brennan
    Office Assistant
    Image of Gail Brennan
    503 Highway 20 South P.O. Box 100
    WA 98862 US

    Phone: 509-996-2121

    I work closely with Dave Thomsen, our Designated Broker, on many matters at Coldwell Banker Winthrop Realty. My artistic skills and back ground as a professional sign painter have come in very handy at CBWR, as I routinely create specialized property signs.

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